5 Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Wedding DJ

Right now with today's technology and resources, anybody and everybody can be a DJ. Right? All you need is an iPad, iTunes and some speakers. Before making a decision you will regret let us please help you stay clear of this nightmare.

#1 - An amateur DJ didn't invest in actual professional gear.

You can go to Walmart, Kmart, Target, Best Buy and so on and buy what they call "DJ gear". Will that gear work for an event? Maybe. The microphone will probably help amplify the vocals but it will sound like a phone or have horrible feedback. The speakers may help play music but they won't be loud enough to handle your event. The lights may blink or spin but it won't be bright enough for your event. The gear these stores are selling can be used by anyone and then be called a DJ.

How can you tell if the DJ you are talking to has this gear? Ask them to send you a picture of their setup or ask where they buy their gear.

Remember. DJs who charge less most likely invest less in their gear and that will end bad for you and them.

#2 - Amateur's don't invest time into their performance like a professional does.

A true professional DJ puts the time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to work on his performance. From mic techniques to mixing abilities, a professional DJ will always keep working on improving and making sure he/she puts on the best possible performance at every single event. Once an amateur buys the gear it will just sit in a box or case until it's time to be used. Then they will plug in and play and hope for the best.

Some think it's ok just to give the amateur a playlist and tell them to just play that and it'll be fine. This is a big no no. You need someone who can read your crowd and know what to play next to keep them dancing. DJs with years and years of experience know how to handle crowds and know what to play to keep them engaged.

Do you want that for your wedding or event? NO WAY! You need a professional DJ and company who loves what they do and is passionate about this industry. It will show in their performance. Trust us.

#3 - Hiring a "friend of a friend" DJ.

Your wedding is special. It's a big deal. This is not a basement party or a birthday party...this is your wedding and all eyes are on you. So when you hear from a friend that his or her friend is a DJ, tell them that's great but you'll need to see their website and get reviews. Even if the friend is a nightclub DJ or a DJ for trivia nights at the local bar, you need reviews and you need evidence that they can handle YOUR event. The DJ can mix? Awesome! How is he or she on the mic? Do they know how to keep the flow going? Do they work with other vendors to make sure everyone is in the loop? Do they read the crowd and know what to play and what NOT to play?

Take all of this into consideration before booking. Even if it's your friend...just invite them to your wedding and give them the night off.

#4 - Hiring a DJ but not know who your dj will be

When you meet with a DJ company, you should have a meeting with the person who will actually be your DJ. Not just the owner or a sales guy. They will pitch you the world and then tell you "you will be assigned a Dj a month before your wedding." Ummmm no. Run out of that meeting right away. Ask who your DJ will be. Ask to meet them if they aren't in the meeting already. Watching their video in the sales pitch is cool and all but that video is just a highlight reel of their best moments. You want to chat with them and get to know personally. This will help determine if you've been assigned the right DJ or not.

#5 - Picking the DJ that's too good to be true or the cheapest.

There's that saying about something being too good to be true. Nobody or company is perfect. Take the time to do some research. Look at reviews. Is every single review absolutely perfect with no flaws? That seems a little off doesn't it? We will be the first to tell you one of our biggest flaws is response time. We are so busy that we can't email back right away but we will always email our clients back, that's a promise. So we have no problem pointing this out. Others don't. Ask the other vendors you booked who they would have DJ their wedding. If you find a DJ that is the cheapest around town, remember what was mentioned before and you'll get what you pay for.

The bottom line is, do your research. Don't be afraid to ask your DJ a lot of questions. Trust your gut. Think about their personality and if it will match you and your guests that night. And finally, after talking with the DJ, was it a sales pitch the entire time or was he/she really interested in what you wanted for your wedding?

We want to get to know you and your family. We want to pick your brain for your ideas to help turn those dreams into reality when it comes to your party. We want to be your DJ and we know we can help create an event your guests will never forget.

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