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Adam Gingrich Get’s MIXED-UP!! - Mixed-Up Productions


Adam Gingrich Get’s MIXED-UP!!


We are pumped to announce the newest addition to the Mixed-Up family, Adam Gingrich! Adam has been DJing since he was 16 and his love for music and being creative is what makes him a perfect fit with our team. I’ve known Adam for a couple of years and I know what he’s capable of. He lives for this industry. He’s passionate about what he does. He is in it for the right reasons. Welcome to the team Adam!

I asked Adam a few questions about his love for this business and what the future may hold for him.

You’ve been Djing for quite a few years now. What about being a DJ do you love the most?

-I love the challenge of keeping a dance floor packed and figuring out exactly what to play and when to play it, to keep the party going

What are you most excited about when it comes to getting back out there for weddings and events?

-I am most excited to connect with the couples and clients, and customize and plan their wedding/event to make their dream wedding a reality. I know that sounds cliche but it’s true with Mixed-Up Productions. We actually listen to what the couples want and I love that.

What made you decide to join with Mixed-Up Productions?

-Mixed up gets it. There’s no beating around the bush, it’s not about the numbers and how many weddings they can do, it’s about focusing on the couple and the event and making sure the right dj fits to make their day as amazing as possible. Mixed up has a great reputation around the area with past clients, vendors, and venues. I have only ever heard good things about Mixed Up.

So future clients can get to know you a little better, explain who Adam is?

-Outgoing, personable, and can adapt to any event. Extensive music knowledge and knowing the right music to play and when to play it.

If a bride or a wedding professional is reading this right now, whats the one thing you want to tell them about this upcoming wedding season or what to expect from yourself as a DJ and Mixed-Up Productions as a company.

-Look no further than mixed up. Every employee has tons of experience and is dedicated to the company and it truly is a family built over years and years.

Adam is available to DJ your event today! Connect with us now if you are interested:

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