Joe Baranowski Get’s MIXED-UP!!


We are happy to announce that our team just grew by adding Joe Baranowski! Joe is not a brand new DJ but someone who’s been in the area for years rocking weddings. The moment I met Joe I made a mental note that this guy gets it. He’s passionate and really is in this business for the right reasons. It isn’t about the money or fancy suits. Now that Joe is Mixed-Up he’s available for your wedding! If you know of Joe or want to learn more about his background, just read below.

1. You’ve been Djing for quite a few years now. What about being a DJ do you love the most?

It has been a few years since I was 16 doing backyard pool parties and school dances. It’s crazy to think a fun hobby can turn into a life changing career. What I love most about DJing is the love of music. Music has always been an important part of my life, while I was teaching art, I taught kids to focus on the music to help create their vision. Now out of teaching and enjoying life, music has a whole new meaning to me and DJing allows me to spread joy and love with everyone. Seeing people smile and go WOW, that wedding/dance was the best we have ever been to. That feeling is so rewarding and a feeling of accomplishment washes over me, know I was responsible for making so many people enjoy the night.

2. What are you most excited about when it comes to getting back out there for weddings and events?

First, longest most interesting year of my life, it got better at the end of the year with getting married, and now that 2015 is here, I’m ready! I made a lot of industry friends when I was DJing full time and made a lot of great relationships. I want those people to know a.) I’m alive and b.) Let’s Party! I have never been more ready or excited to hit the ground running. I know I have a few friends that have brothers or sisters getting married coming up in the near future and letting them know where I am now is going to be super exciting. In the past I have done a few weddings for multiple siblings in families, after doing two or three weddings for the family you start to feel a part of that family.

3. There are a lot of DJ companies in Central PA. What made you decide to join with Mixed-Up Productions?

Mixed-Up Productions gets it! They understand what having a family is all about and enjoying life and not sweating the little things. We get to celebrate these couples happiest days with them and just relax and have fun. What I have seen in the past and experienced personally was it turned into a paycheck. With talking to some of the crew with MUP, it just clicked, they got it. It is about having fun and enjoying what you love and sharing the moments with other people. MUP also listens to the employees with trying new ideas and rolling with it. I’m a DIY person and with not being able to DJ for year, I was able to help design and create ideas and see how they turned out, some failed, but most are successful.

But going back to before, MUP is about family and being a part of this family is incredible. Everyone was so welcoming to my personal family and making us feel like we have been here for years. It was refreshing to know that we can all get together with our spouses and kids and have a fun time.

4. So future clients can get to know you a little better, explain who Joe is? Married? Job? Favorite Music?

Who is Joe? Ummm….an energetic, enthusiastic, creative person. I have a beautiful wife Pam and daughter Lizzie. We also have a boxer named Coco. I’m currently an Insurance agent a KHB Insurance in Hershey, PA. We love to do projects as a family and spend time outside. I consider myself a nerd. I love Zombies and Comicbooks. Along with my passion for music, this allows me to have some fun memories with Lizzie. She has tried her hand a DJing even though she is only 4 years old. She really enjoys seeing what Daddy does when Saturdays come and I have to go to work. My favorite type of music is such a hard question to answer. It depends on my mood I would say, but singer/songwriter is usually my mellow work music, while I’m working in the yard or on a new project I would say old school hip-hop or 90’s. Overall though late 80’s, early 90’s usually gets played daily in our house.

5. If a bride or a wedding professional is reading this right now, whats the one thing you want to tell them about this upcoming wedding season or what to expect from yourself as a DJ and Mixed-Up Productions as a company.

For the Brides/Grooms-From experience on your wedding day, don’t stress the small stuff. This is one of the happiest days of your life. Nothing else matters just that the two of you are happy and with each other. But of course when its time to party, live it up! It’s all about you, we’re there celebrating life and love! As your DJ, I’m easy going and think quick on my feet. We will have a party that you will never forget.

Wedding Professionals-Let’s grab some coffee and catch up sometime soon. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you again soon. 2015 is going to be a great year! If your clients don’t have a DJ yet, send them to MUP, we will give them the VIP treatment.

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