Video: Pastor Snaps on Photographer

We personally have never seen an officiant do this at an event but finding this video made us say WOW. He makes a valid point but maybe he could’ve ask the photogs to be mindful and not stand right behind him.

We aren’t posting this to bash photographers. This post is about hiring a true PROFESSIONAL photographer. Someone who knows what to do, knows where to stand and in some cases knows where not to stand. On your wedding day you want to make sure your photographer captures every single loving moment. They can do this without having to be in your face nonstop all day and night.

We work with a lot of photographers and we want to make sure you get a pro. Check out this list below of ones we consider to be the best in the area.

We hope this helps you with your planning.

Mike Miller


Leslie Gilbert Photography

Thomas Beaman

New Chapters Photography

Jeremy Hess Photography

KM Photography

Elaine Gates Photography

The Susquehanna Photographic

Melissa McClain Photography

Miville Photography

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