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Team - Mixed-Up Productions


Mike Miller


Mike began his DJ career at age 12 with two turntables and a microphone. Now with more than 2 decades in the radio biz, Mike is the program director and afternoon host on Z104.3 in Baltimore. Mike’s enthusiasm for entertainment lead to the founding of Mixed-Up Productions, winner of Harrisburg Magazine’s Simply the Best for three years in a row and Susquehanna Style Magazine’s Best of Harrisburg for 3 years. When Mike isn’t DJing weddings or playing on the radio he is at home with his incredible wife and 3 kids.

Chris Garrett

Chris has been a Disc Jockey in the Central PA area for over 20 years. He’s one of the most passionate DJs in the area and that’s what brides love about him. You can wake up with Chris weekday mornings on FOX 43!

Damian Rhodes

Damian can be heard weekday afternoons on FM 97 WLAN in Lancaster. When he’s not on the air, he’s taking care of his clients with Mixed Up Productions. Damian has been entertaining throughout Central PA for more than 15 years. You won’t find anyone else that’s more organized and driven then Damian.



Lance comes from a family of wedding professionals so his knowledge of what works and what doesn’t makes him an experienced pro. Lance lives for music. So much so that he's constantly in the recording studio working on his new album.



Born and raised in Central PA, Adam Gingrich has had a passion for music and entertaining since he was very young. Adam DJed his first event at the age of 13 and over the last 15 years, he has evolved his craft by a talent for reading his crowd and incorporating some of his other musical and vocal talents to give his clients the absolute best entertainment experience. This year Adam fulfilled one of his life-long dreams of writing and producing his own album, Talking Pictures.



Bryan is one of the newest members of Mixed-Up but that doesn't mean he's new to being a DJ. He's been packing dance floors since 2010 and it's a true passion for him. From the moment he hits play on his first song of the night until the very end, Bryan is in the zone and wants his clients to have the best experience ever! 

Joe B

Joe has been DJing parties since he was 16 years old and his love for music continues to grow. Music has always been a big part of his life and he loves that he can still go out every weekend to DJ.

Sean Bloom

Sean has been a Dj in the Central PA area for over 5 years. He has one of the most out going personalities you'll ever meet! Sean is a HUGE fan of Star Wars and gets to visit events dressed up as an official Trooper!

Bryan Fischer

Photo Booth

Bryan has an incredible passion for music and it shows when he's at an event. Doesn't matter if he's the DJ or running a photo booth, Bryan is always ready to party with guests.

Isaac Z.

Lighting Tech / Photo Booth
Isaac is the youngest member of the Mixed-Up crew but dont let his age fool you. Isaac has been DJing for over 7 years providing entertainment services from school functions to weddings and everything in between. Isaac is a genius when it comes to lighting design and event design.

Joe Klock

Photo Booth / Lighting
Joe is always up for doing any event with Mixed-Up! When he's not at an event he can be found in the gym. That is his second home.

Mick Klock

Photo Booth / Lighting
When Mick isn't out at a Mixed-Up event you can usually find him on the golf course or at a hockey game.

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